Cleo – Beauty for Ashes EP (Free Download)

Cleo (formerly Mz. Bratt/Cleopatra) has made a comeback with a completely new sound. She’s still rapping but now singing too. I heard her sing for the first time a few years ago on 1Xtra and have been waiting since for her to start singing on her own music and I’ve finally waited long enough and I personally think she sounds great! I much prefer this new sound for Cleo; the toned down beats with her smooth vocals over the top are a perfect combination.

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Timer Geddon – Centre ft Jaij Hollands

I’ve always been a massive fan of Timer and the fact he’s only been rapping for a few years amazes me. I don’t understand how you could be so good after such a short period of time baffles me. I can’t say this is my favourite release of his but it demonstrates another dimension to the music that he is capable of making. He can do absolutely any genre I’m sure and I know when he starts making mainstream music it’s GAME OVER, lol.

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Kadiata – Goodnight

This is the 3rd release from Kadiata (formerly Clixx). You’ve had Anxiety, Madeleine and now Goodnight. Kadiata‘s new sound is completely different to what you heard before and he is now experimenting with singing over his own songs. He says he likes how the autotune sounds (used on the Madeleine track), however I know he still sounds great without it as this song has come to show.

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Reece West – 2015 ft Aaron Unknown, Cally, Snowy, Ghostly & Xavier Unknown

As much as I say that grime is dead and that it’s not as good as it was 10 years ago, and it I do mean it. But it’s nice to see guys still trying to keep it alive and I love that. Grime originated in the UK and we should show the rest of the world how it’s done. Reece West, Aaron Unknown, Cally, Snowy, Ghostly and Xavier go in with motivational and positive bars and a super catchy hook.

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Dez Mensa – Way Too Drunk (Acoustic/Lyric Video)

Talented and very, VERY sexy singer (every girl agrees), formerly “Derry Mensah” shot to fame as part of a 4 piece boyband named “The Risk” who reached week 5 on the X Factor live shows. The group split in late 2014 to pursue solo careers and now DEZ MENSA gives us “Way Too Drunk“. In my opinion you can never have too many R&B singers. The world can only be a better place with more Ushers, Chris Browns, Trey SONGZ’ and now Dez Mensa.

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Moteleola – Oasis Black

Moteleola is one of the loveliest guys I know and is very talented. Oasis Black showcases his talent as a producer but also features the likes of Olivia Louise and rap trio: SWB (one of whom is also his younger brother). He describes his latest project:

“This project is my album of thoughts, expressed through the words of others, my emotions conveyed through string sections, samples & synths, my influences communicated through thick kick drums & sharp snares. Each song is a reflection of different relationships, from how the want for success can lay it’s burden upon lovers, friends & deep companions, from the connection a mother holds with her unborn, to the extreme dramatisation of a loveless one sided relation. Dreams and aspirations are amazing, Conviction is even more incredible.”

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Rough Copy – Same Formula

Joey, Kaz and Sterling, better known as Rough Copy return with an R&B hit. The boys will be supporting Omarion at Musicalize on Monday (16th March) at KOKO in Camden as well as Damage between the 23rd April and 2nd May. No doubt their attempt to bring back R&B to the UK will be well received and very successful.

Look out for more from these boys on YDK, you don’t want to miss it!

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Sigma ft Labrinth – Higher (Kyra Cover)

I had the pleasure of seeing the very beautiful and talented Kyra perform a few weeks ago, supporting Clement Marfo at the Drury Club. Even with a sore throat she was phenomenal.

If you haven’t downloaded and listened to her Bandages EP then download it HERE now, for free! You won’t regret it. Such a feel-good listen and a must have for any playlist. I’ve had it on repeat for days before, that’s all I can say.

I can’t wait to see her bloom, I know big things are coming for this talented female.

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Olivia Louise – Scorpio (Prod. by Moteleola)

I’ve been a huge Moteleola fan for a long time and I believe in ‘Scorpio’ he is truly in his element. Working with Olivia Louise they’ve produced a beautiful, relaxing peace of music. Perfect for a Friday night in.

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YDK – Jay Carteré Interview (EXCLUSIVE)

YDK brings you the first ever exclusive interview with London rapper Jay Carteré. More interviews and exclusive videos to come from the likes of Jareth, Kadiata (Clixx), R Jay & Shocka as well as more educational blog posts and good music, so watch this space!!

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  • [Thought of the Week]

    "Maybe cheating in a relationship isn't the worst thing you could do, maybe it's just human nature?"

    Remember when you were a child, and your parents would tell you you're not allowed to eat sweets, or make a mess in your bedroom, and you'd do the complete opposite and crave it even more just because you're not allowed? Or if you're on a diet, you know you're not allowed cake or carbs, but simply because you know you're not allowed it, you want it even more? Well surely the same applies in relationships?
    Firstly, I want to start by saying we're not perfect, but perfection is something we should strive towards. Honesty is the best policy.
    A friend of mine is genuinely one of the loveliest people I know, with the best heart and the best intentions and I don't want to show him in a negative light whatsoever, simply provide you with an alternative idea. I've known him for a few years, however we only started speaking properly about a year ago. We both found each other attractive, blah blah blah, so we decided to book a hotel room. He ignored me for a few days, so obviously something was wrong, then he told me there's another girl he loves (obviously I didn't know this before), as they weren't together. I didn't think much of it, actually I was extremely envious of this girl, and that she has someone in her life that is so dedicated and faithful. A few months later, conversation escalated, and we once again decided to go hotel, and a few days beforehand he once again cancelled. This time I was pretty angry and upset, because he'd lead me on and then cancelled. Obviously we're not together but I'm my own person too at the end of the day and don't want to be lead on.
    Another few months later we started talking, innocent conversation about gym, films etc (this time via dm on twitter as I deleted his number and vice versa, I assume), and I had calmed down over the previous incident, he was a genuinely lovely person and I admire the faithfulness to his yet to be girlfriend, I hope I find someone like that in the future. But anyway, we decided to have a gym session together, as we live near each other we went to the park, and for the majority of it, it was a really good session, fun, productive (my legs KILLED the following day) but there was sexual tension, especially towards the end. My back was super sore from gym the previous day and he offered a massage, it was rubbish and he didn't get very far unfortunately as he was starting to give in, and couldn't resist the attraction any longer. Not a lot happened as I stopped him, before it escalated too far. I'd hate for my future husband to cheat on me, so I could only give this couple the same respect (they were together a few months at this point). The following day he thanked me, and was grateful for stopping him.
    The point of this example is, I know my friend loves his girlfriend very much but none of us are perfect and we all give in to temptation now and again. Many males/females cheat because they have a craving, and a hoe gets in the way that has no respect for the relationship and only wants his/ her needs fulfilled, few will have a conscience and stop anything

    Alternatively, on a separate occasion I was speaking to another friend about this topic. He told me that he's seen a sidechick/man save many relationships. His reasons were that if you have an argument with your partner, instead of ending the relationship, you go to see a sidechick/man, relax, then go back to your partner happy and proceed as normal. I disagree with his reasoning however I see the point behind it.
    As long as you don't make a habit out of temptation, and are honest... maybe we're too extreme when it comes to cheating? I disagree with cheating, and don't condone it, however this is just a thought. Everyone get's bored of everything eventually if you get too high a dose, it's just a matter of balance.


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